Allan Watt

Allan Charles Watt joined the NZ Army Territorial Reserve Force in 1978 and 1980 transferred to the Regular Force. He served a total time of 17 1/2 years combined service in the Regular and Reserve Forces. He further served with the NZ Police as a sworn officer for around 9 years. After which he attended University and completed numerous qualifications, the highest being a PhD in Forensic Computing. He lectures at the Australian Defense Force Academy (ADFA) Canberra, in the area of Digital Forensics, as well as running his own Digital Forensics Business. What does this have to do with the Album “The Ghost of the Somme”? Nothing, but as the writer of this album it is worth a mention.

At age 12 whilst attending the early years of high school, with a group of others attended guitar lessons and soon realised he had a natural aptitude for the instrument. Apart from a few talent quests in his younger years and the odd Karaoke appearance, until now has never written any music or performed on a stage as a musician. Inspired by his maternal Grandfather Phillip Charles McBarron, who was shot and wounded in the fields of the Somme in August 1918, in 2014 Allan commenced writing songs in commemoration of the 100 years of the ANZACs involvement in the Great War.

He wrote the tunes and lyrics for all the songs on the album and then gave them to Leon Berger who turned them into music.